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About Us

If you are looking for quick cash loans, we are very glad that you decided to check us out here at Iguana Loans. We offer some of the best loans in the world due to our fast service, excellent rates and quick response times. We know that you cannot always afford to wait for a lender like a major bank to work with you, and we offer the perfect solution when you find yourself in this position. We give you access to the money that you need, when you need it, and we make the whole process as easy as we can.


Most of our dedication to giving our clients such good results it that we have worked in other areas of money lending before, so we understand better than anyone else what people are looking for when they seek out a lender. Before we were founded, over half of our employees worked for the very same major banks that you have probably been talking to about loans. Combined, we have over fifty years of experience in this industry, so we really bring a lot of practical knowledge to the table.


Our time working with these types of lenders led us to establish a set of criteria that we still follow to this day. We use these things as our mission statement, and we turn to them each time that we make a business decision to ensure that we are in line with these goals:


- Putting the borrowers first.
- Offering the quick service that people deserve.
- Using technology to eliminate outdated processes.
- Ensuring that each borrower is satisfied with the loan.
- Offering full explanations of all regulations.


What we found most concerning when working with major banks was that they often tried to use documentation or small print to confuse borrowers, thus robbing them of their hard-earned money. We made it our goal to ensure that each person who comes to us knows exactly how the loan works. We want full transparency in this so that people like you are thrilled with the service that you get.


We have now been serving people in this area for nearly a decade, and we have many different loan options that you can choose from. If you want a free consultation to learn what would work best for you, we offer that as well. We would be happy to hear about your situation, give you advice on the size and term of the loan and start working toward a financial solution in your life.


There are many ways to contact us, but the best option is just to use the email address or the web form provided on this site. You can also call us during standard business hours; the advantage of using the online options when you want to learn about quick cash loans is that you can send in your questions and comments whenever you want. We guarantee that we will respond to all inquires very quickly.